Yamaha P71 Keyboard – Top Digital Piano

Yamaha, being the leading brand in digital pianos, has a lot to offer and is ideal for any pianist. They are reliable, high quality, and won’t weigh your wallet down.

Product: Yamaha P71

Price: $449.99

Cheapest place to buy new: 

6 thoughts on “Yamaha P71 Keyboard – Top Digital Piano

  1. Hi, I have had 2 keyboard pianos in my lifetime.  The first one was made in the 90’s. It had many awesome features such as 100’s tunes, songs and drums to play with. It didn’t provide any training. 

    The second one I bought provided training but I didn’t enjoy it enough to persist.

    While i like piano, i am more of a guitarist myself.  

    1. I’m sorry that your experience with the keyboards wasn’t as good as you had expected. At least it helped you find that you enjoy the guitar more. In the near future, I will be adding a page for guitarists. Feel free to check back sometime!

  2. I have an uncle that teaches piano lessons, I’ve been there a few times and he has personally talked to his students about this specific piano. He has used it in the past and he says that it’s one of his top 3 favorite pianos. He has also mentioned that any product from Yamaha is worth the try. 

    1. Hey Stephanie!

      That is good to hear. How long has your uncle been teaching? Typically, I will recommend Yamaha over Casio and Alesis, but the Casio Touch Sensitive has won me over. Still, Yamaha keyboards are worth a try. I have kept my P 85 since I first started playing and she has served me well. 

  3. As a newbie and one that is aspiring to become very at playing the piano, I have been told several times that weighted keys piano are the best to practice with. The Yamaha P71 does not only come with weighted keys but with lots of amazing features and it is very affordable too. I like it.


    1. I would argue that keyboards with the weighted keys are the best to practice and perform with. Always practice as if you were in the presence of the master and you’ll do fine!

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