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If you’re looking for a reliable leading brand, go with any Yamaha keyboard. They are the leading brand in digital pianos to this day and have a lot to offer pianists of all skill levels. Any Yamaha electric piano is typically reliable, high quality, and although they are one of those keyboards with weighted keys, they won’t weigh your wallet down. Let’s take a look at the facts of the Yamaha P71 Keyboard.

Digital Piano Under Review: Yamaha P71 Keyboard

Price: $449.99

Cheapest place to buy new: (Shipping times may be delayed due to Coronavirus Outbreak)

Keyboard type: Full 88 Key

Guarantee: Free Shipping

My Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Chopins’ Heart Jars

Pianists generally struggle for a long time to find a keyboard that suits them best. Many find that Yamaha produces the the highest quality keyboards. The performance and sounds that they produce, particularly in the P – series, serves us well and the longest.

The P 71 model is an Amazon Exclusive offer that has been ranked highest based on its reviews. Grant it, that is coming from them. So, let’s dive into the specifics…the good, the bad, and the indifferent.

Yamaha P 71 Key Features

Yamaha is the preferred brand for both digital and acoustic pianos for most pianists.

This digital keyboard is packed with distinct features, but the most prominent of them all would have to be the fact that the keys are weighted. The Yamaha keyboard weighted keys are very much like their accoustic grands if you have ever played one.

I’ll give a brief description about this, but feel free to check out my post Semi-weighted vs. Weighted Keys for more info. Weighted keys emulate the same feel as a grand piano. Yamaha is well-known for successfully integrating this factor into their products. In addition, the keys are graded so they require more pressure on the lower octave than the higher, which is like a grand piano. This helps give keyboards the touch but not the soul of acoustic pianos.

This keyboard is a full 88 key model, which is the best type for piano students of all levels. This is the best way to become adept at piano practice and mastery of the instrument. This feature is critical to high quality products.

Another cluster of features that are included in this deal is:

  1. The sustain pedal 
  2. Sheet Music Rest
  3. The power cord (of course…lol)

Let’s Look at the Specifics for Piano Nerds…

The Most Important Feature – Sound

I’m going to say it flat out – this piano sounds like a grand piano, with that setting, minus the reverb. The tone is definitely there. If your repertoire is based on more modern piano pieces like swing or ragtime then good for you because 10 voices/ sounds are included! 

Here’s another piano term – AWM (advanced wave memory) sound engine which emulates the sounds of their baby grand pianos. This model definitely hits that treble and has a pronounced bass, which is important if you are going to play Chopin someday.


In Piano Language (the language that all pianists magically use to telepathically communicate with each other,) this piano has GHS action (graded hammer standard). Action refers to the way the keys react to pressure. The P 71 has 4 sensitivity settings, which is a distinct feature to this model and is typically only included in higher end ones! The Black keys have a matte finish to them as well.

Sleek Design

This one’s a beauty in spite of the pricetag. Most of the time looks aren’t everything, except when we are talking about this keyboard. Yamaha is well-known for their modern and distinct design accompanied by their color options to fit you best: in this case it is black or white. 

Another bonus is that it doesn’t look rickety or flimsy, which suggests that it was made well. The keys are smooth but not slippery, which other models do not compare to.

Dual-Action Mode

This feature is often overlooked, but it can be essential to playing songs that require a more varitable touch. The piano recognizes the difference of the hands by measuring the octaves, thus enabling one sound in the right and another in the left.

The Pedal

This is imperative to a good performance, believe it or not. The sustain pedal helps the player hold out notes for their intended duration and mesh sounds for a reverb effect. This is an essential part of this deal because it includes this feature feature. The other competing brands will not inluce it and require seperate purchases. 

Time For Pros and Cons…


  • Affordable price for the quality
  • High Quality features and sound
  • Full-sized weighted keys with a sleek design
  • Sustain Pedal included


  • The stand and stool are not included.
  • The keys don’t perfectly emulate a grand piano and tend to slightly squeak when depressed hard.

Is The P71 Worth Purchasing??

Now for the more important question at hand. Is it worth your time to go through everything to make this purchase?

>>Yes, it is indeed! This is a good piano for people to practice and hone their skills. It is very affordable for pianists of all stripes and skill levels. This model includes many features that only was a luxury for the older P- series keyboards and they don’t do any of that price gouging crap. This piano was designed for those who wish to succeed at their craft someday, no doubt.

>> This is an *Amazon Exclusive* which means that they drive the price down. Plus, Amazon is doing rewarding members for signing up for their rewards VISA! You might also consider purchasing the renewed version for a hefty reduction in pricing if it is currently available.

Thank you all for your engagement and I hope to hear from you in the comments section below! Social engagement helps members of this community learn from each other. Help your fellow pianists out!

Get out’a Treble

– Deeply Trebled

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6 Responses

  1. Hi, I have had 2 keyboard pianos in my lifetime.  The first one was made in the 90’s. It had many awesome features such as 100’s tunes, songs and drums to play with. It didn’t provide any training. 

    The second one I bought provided training but I didn’t enjoy it enough to persist.

    While i like piano, i am more of a guitarist myself.  

    • I’m sorry that your experience with the keyboards wasn’t as good as you had expected. At least it helped you find that you enjoy the guitar more. In the near future, I will be adding a page for guitarists. Feel free to check back sometime!

  2. I have an uncle that teaches piano lessons, I’ve been there a few times and he has personally talked to his students about this specific piano. He has used it in the past and he says that it’s one of his top 3 favorite pianos. He has also mentioned that any product from Yamaha is worth the try. 

    • Hey Stephanie!

      That is good to hear. How long has your uncle been teaching? Typically, I will recommend Yamaha over Casio and Alesis, but the Casio Touch Sensitive has won me over. Still, Yamaha keyboards are worth a try. I have kept my P 85 since I first started playing and she has served me well. 

  3. As a newbie and one that is aspiring to become very at playing the piano, I have been told several times that weighted keys piano are the best to practice with. The Yamaha P71 does not only come with weighted keys but with lots of amazing features and it is very affordable too. I like it.


    • I would argue that keyboards with the weighted keys are the best to practice and perform with. Always practice as if you were in the presence of the master and you’ll do fine!

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