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If you’ve ever thought about starting to learn how to play piano…Check this out!

Have you found your inspiration and drive to go forward yet lacked proper direction? If so, it has probably lead you to finding a local teacher and a commitment of going back to him or her every week and paying $25 for a half an hour each time. 

HEADS UP! That totals up to $50 an hour, which is what most lawyers make! 

That way, whether you have experienced it or not is very outdated, but can still be fun and enjoyable, just not as effective. My assumption is that most of you reading this have been either forced to take piano lessons by their parents at some point, or had the desire yet have steadily lost interest. Trust me, I went through with that whole process as a child when my parents only wanted to see me succeed, but I was so rebellious because I wasn’t allowed to learn at my own pace. This is because I didn’t have such fine resources and apps to help me learn that long ago. I encourage you to learn the modern and fun way!

The most common misconception about learning the piano is the amount of money one needs to spend in order to succeed. This is not always the case with the internet at our fingertips and individually-paced programs that I am about to recommend. So, I encourage you all, parents and otherwise, to search for more cost effective and well… effective ways to learn.


Get out’a boredom


By using alternative methods, you don’t have to discontinue regular piano lessons because you may like your teacher or learn a lot from him/her. These apps and resources are only intended to help you greatly along your journey to success, while maintaining a cost-effective approach. Having taught piano on and off, I can understand the stress.

Keep in mind that my favorite composer, Frédéric Chopin, had his heart removed upon his death. It was later sent back to Poland, the land of his birth and placed in a jar. So I rate things by his heart.

Well… Let’s Get To It!

Top 5 Fun Ways to learn the Piano

5.) Piano By Chords

If you’ve never really over heard of chord piano, then I can elaborate. Chord piano is the art of using all of your fingers to play harmonic sounds without having to learn complicated left-hand patterns and rhythms. This E-book might be able to help.

Who might this interest?

  • Prospective students who might want to play in a church or choir.
  • People who want to entertain family or friends by making simple tunes sound very rich.
  • People who want to play the latest pop or rock hits, as this is their technique now.

I award these chords with 2.9 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars!

Take a look here, if interested!


As I’ve already explained, chord piano is an easy and effective way to start learning piano, whether you wish to play Chopin someday, or the Eagles and Queen! So, I’ll recommend another resource which is even more cost effective!

Who might this interest?

  • Prospective students wishing to learn proper chord and improvisation techniques.
  • People who want to play jazz, pop, or rock compositions.
  • People who want to get a lot of content for a fair price.

I award this program 3.2 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars!

Click here if this appeals to you!


Take it to the sky! This well-known piano course provides and easy approach to learning you way around the keyboard. Anyone would be smart to take advantage of their free lessons. They also provide books and guides with video resources and soundtracks among countless other bonuses. 

Who does this pertain to specifically?

  • Prospective students who want to start of piano with a strong knowledge base.
  • People who want a guide to their progress.
  • People who wish to complete their piano repertoire.

I give this one a 3.5 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars

Click here if this is for you!  


This renowned piano course is such a promising and genuine one that it has helped a quarter million people achieve their goals. This great course provides interactive videos, lessons, and E-Books to help you succeed while offline and at your own pace with a one time payment.

Who can this assist?

  • Perspective students who wish to improve, diversify their technique, and learn to read sheet music.
  • People who eventually want to become teachers themselves, but need a guideline for their lessons.
  • People who need support and inspiration at any time.

I give this app a 4.3 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars!

See if this could benefit you! 

And last but certainly not least…


This exquisite course provides a comprehensive approach to learning piano. The amount of content is incredible starting with a 14- day trial for only $1and then endless possibilities from there! There are hundreds of videos and seminars including every genre of music. There is always a team of piano teachers online for support if or when you get stuck! 

Who might this appeal to?

  • Students who wish to learn various techniques and play their favorite songs or expand their repertoire.
  • People who wish to learn to play by ear and conventionally more casually.
  • People who can utilize the piano teacher services, which will upload any tutorials by request.

I give this one a 4.75 of 5 Chopins’ Heart Jars because the service is spectacular!

Give it a chance to help you blossom! 

I hope that anyone who desires to accomplish their piano dreams will not give up and never refuse to search for alternative methods to help them. If you decide to use this in tandem with a favorite teacher then you will succeed.  As always, thank you for reading. Don’t give up and you’ll become a star!


I alone can not guarantee success because success comes from within you. I aim to provide tools for you to utilize that are intended to help you succeed.

Lemme know what you guys think. I’m eager to hear your experiences and testimonials!

Hit that Treble!

– Deeply Trebled


This Site is Dedicated to Your Success!

12 thoughts on “Piano Courses Online – Learn the Fun Way Top 5 Apps

  1. I’m telling you that this article couldn’t have shown up at a better time! I’ve just recently started learning my way around the keys, but not using a piano exactly, but a Yamaha keyboard. I live in an apartment and I needed something a bit more compact and quieter than a traditional piano.

    Would these programs still apply to someone using a keyboard? Sorry if the question is a bit basic, I’m still quite new at this.

    I’ve also started learning from a “Paino for Dummies” book, have you checked it out before? I’d love to know your professional opinion! 

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi there Tyson!

      I’m ecstatic that you stumbled across this review. You made a good choice with the Yamaha. It will give you the privacy (with headphones) that you need for serene practice and enjoyment. I have used Yamaha keyboards my whole life. In fact, I still have my old P 85. 

      These programs are meant for keyboard learners from beginner to advanced so they will hopefully benefit you greatly. I have given some copies of “Piano for Dummies” to some of my students in the past. Despite the insulting title, they worked well for visual learners. If you have the time, check out my “piano finger exercises” article for some relevant practice books. Above all – I will always recommend Hanon.

      I wish you the best on your piano journey! If you ever need tips or advice in the future, don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. I must say this is a very nice and informative article and I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.in recent time research has shown that the level of people that have tried learning piano has increased but very little people actually end up playing the piano,as a professional pianist I would say the problem is caused by wrong information been passed unto the learners but after this article I think it has all one needs to become a good  pianist

    1. Nice to hear from you again Feji,

      You bring a unique perspective to the discussion. I like that very much. The problem with piano learning is that we can only do so much as a hobby or for pure enjoyment. A lot of times, people like my grandfather just give up because they don’t feel the music anymore. I had that same feeling for a while. Arthur Rubinstein (one of my favorite classical pianists) once said, “one must be born with talent and passion.” If we possess these traits, then we will succeed.

      So part of it is bad teaching,yes, but a lot of it comes back to the pianist. You must say “Do I have the drive to perform?” Every pianist must motivate himself/herself and success mostly lies within.

      I really appreciate your perspectives and thoughts!

  3. Hey Treb

    Great article! Reading articles like these really make me appreciate how much is possible when you have access to the internet. To think there was a time that playing the piano was only reserved for those with a lot of money is hard to imagine in 2019.

    Btw I love how you broke down with every Ebook who would benefit the most from it. I have read similar posts and most of the time that’s the one thing that’s lacking.

    I’ll definitely look into that learn piano in 30 days book.

    1. Good to hear from you Rogier!

      It is amazing what is at our fingertips nowadays. It gets super boring just hunching over music booklets all day but these apps enriched my experience. The good thing about the olden days is that piano teachers would invest a lot of time with their students. It was not unheard of that the student would spend his entire Saturday with his teacher. I tried to implement this with my students and I really enjoyed it. Now, most teachers just shove you off after 30 mins…On the downside, it was typically reserved for the wealthy like you said. 

      If you do end up using the 30 days book or app, let me know how your experience was!

  4. Once again, thank you for the awesome post!  This one I like a lot because I would love to learn to play the piano the right way, and not the way I normally play it, which just sounds terrible honestly.  I like the looks of Rocket Piano.  It looks simple and easy to use in my opinion and I might actually try it out!

    1. Thank you so much Jessie! If you would like to start ASAP then Rocket Piano will help you take off! Shoot for the stars, man! I have had students use this before and they now play phenomenally. I hope you try it out. Let me know how it goes or if there is anything else that I can do for you.

  5. Hi, I took piano lessons as a kid and my mom even bought me a piano.  I never enjoyed it enough but I played for a few years as a kid. 

    it is a beautiful instrument and I  like Wayne Gratzt the pianist. Beethoven was brilliant but his music is to intense for me. who is your favorite?

    1. Wassup Jake,

      Wayne Gratz is a talented pianist but I have always focused on the classical era. My favorite of all time composers is Chopin. If you think Beethoven is intense, listen to some of Chopin’s works. He had a very dark yet brilliant side in his music. My favorite pianist to listen to is a hard choice. Krystian Zimerman does the best performance of Chopin’s 4 Ballades, but Yundi LI does the best at the E-major Scherzo.

  6. Hello Trebled,

    Thanks a million for this load of information; I have always wanted my son to learn music. Although my heart was on the violin as an instrument; but I never knew music could be learned without a music teacher.
    I will take advantage of these materials you have just posted while I search for how to learn the violin.
    Should you have access to learning violin or music generally on line, kindly assist me with such information.

    1. You’re Welcome a million times over! It’s my pleasure. I’d be glad to share any information with you that I can. Your son will only have to pick what is best for him. These apps are meant to help him along his journey and I hope that they will help him. If you ever need to get a hold of me, feel free to email or leave a comment. ryan@getdeeplytrebled.com

      Since you have an interest in violin, I might have something for you. I had a student tell me about this a long time ago. 

      Check it out if you want, and let me know what you think. I wish you the best!

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