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If you’ve ever thought about starting to learn how to play piano…Check this out!

Have you found your inspiration and drive to learn how to play piano? There are many ways to learn nowadays, but how about we do it the fun way! Taking student to teacher lessons is a great experience but the apps and programs like Piano By Chords, Amazing Piano, Rocket Piano, and Piano For All could make learning more fun. These courses offer piano lessons beginners can master!

Taking lessons has probably lead you to finding a local teacher and a commitment of going back to him or her every week. While this experience can be great, there are additional tools you can use. And paying $25 for a half an hour each time can certainly add up.

WHOA, HEADS UP! That totals up to $50 an hour, which is what most lawyers make!

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Learning that way, whether you have experienced it or not is very satisfying, but is it as fun or effective as learning at your own pace? My assumption is that most of you reading this have either sought lessons yourself or were encouraged to take piano lessons by someone else. Maybe, at some point, you have had the desire yet steadily lost interest.

Trust me, I went through with that whole process as a child when my parents only wanted to see me succeed, but was so rebellious because I wasn’t allowed to learn at my own pace. This is because I didn’t have such fine resources and apps to help me learn that long ago. So, I encourage you to learn the modern and fun way!

The most common misconception about learning the piano is the amount of money one needs to spend in order to succeed. This is not always the case with the internet at our fingertips and individually-paced programs that I am about to recommend. So, I encourage you, piano lovers of all stripes, to search for more cost effective and well… effective ways to learn.


By using alternative methods, you don’t have to discontinue regular piano lessons because you may like your teacher or learn a lot from him/her. These apps and resources are only intended to help you greatly along your journey to success, while maintaining a cost-effective approach. Having taught piano on and off, I can understand the stress.

Keep in mind that my favorite composer, Frédéric Chopin, had his heart removed upon his death. It was later sent back to Poland, the land of his birth and placed in a jar. So I rate things by his heart.

Well… Let’s Get To It!

Top 5 Fun Ways to Learn How to Play Piano

4.) Piano By Chords

If you’ve never really over heard of chord piano, then let’s elaborate. Chord piano is the art of using all of your fingers to play multiple sounds in harmony. This is a great way to avoid learning complicated left-hand patterns and rhythms. The 4 E-books and 7 courses will help you learn piano chords beginners can use for technique.

Price: $39

Who might this interest?

Prospective students who might want to learn chord progression.

People who want to entertain family or friends by making simple tunes sound very rich.

People who want to play the latest pop, classical, or jazz hits.

I award these chords with 3.5 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars.

3. Amazing Piano

Learning piano as an adult can be quite stressful, but it is a bad reason to not make beautiful music. Amazing Piano helps adults as well as children learn chords and the fundamentals of the piano. It is a 4 week course and has 11 valuable lessons. Chord piano is an effective way to start learning piano, whether you wish to play Chopin, or the Eagles and Queen someday! I encourage you to take advantage of their Free Lessons too!

Who might this interest?

Prospective students wishing to learn proper chord and improvisation techniques.

People who want to get a lot of content and 100 free lessons.

People who want to play a variety of compositions.

piano chord chart

I award this program 3.9 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars!


Take it to the sky! This well-known piano course provides an simple approach to learning your way around the keyboard. Anyone would be smart to take advantage of their free lessons. They also provide e-books and guides with video resources and soundtracks among 5 unique other bonuses included.

Price: $39.95

What’s Included?

A Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced E-book.

133 Sound files and 57 Video Lessons

5 Unique bonuses Free

Rocket Piano

Prospective students who want to start of piano with a strong knowledge base will benefit most.

I give this one a 4 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars


This exquisite course provides a comprehensive approach to learning piano. The amount of content is extensive as here are hundreds of videos and audio lessons in every genre of music. It has helped a quarter million people achieve their goals. This series of courses provides interactive videos, lessons, and E-Books to help you succeed while offline and at your own pace. It is designed for learners of every age group and experience level.

Price: $39

What is Piano For All?

Perspective students who wish to improve, diversify their technique, and learn to train their ear then learn sheet music.

200 video lessons, 9 interactive E-books, 500 audio books

Learn at your Own Pace

This course is preferred by several of my students. If you would like some more information, please look at the full review of Piano For All.

I give this app a 4.5 of 5 Chopin’s Heart Jars!

I hope that anyone who desires to accomplish their piano dreams will not give up and never refuse to search for alternative methods to help them. If you decide to use this in tandem with a favorite teacher then you will succeed. As always, thank you for reading. Don’t give up and you’ll become a star!

No Music No Life sign


I alone can not guarantee success because success comes from within you. I aim to provide tools for you to utilize that are intended to help you succeed.

Lemme know what you guys think about this list. I’m eager to hear your experiences and testimonials! Social engagement here helps other pianists learn and grow, so help you fellows out. Leave your comments below or feel free to leave me an email.

If you feel that any of the courses on this list can help you learn, pleas consider purchasing them by clicking any of the links on this post. This will help Deeply Trebled ensure future content and honest reviews.

Hit that Treble!

– Deeply Trebled

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24 Responses

  1. First of all, Thank you Deeply Trebled!

    I enjoyed looking through each and every course to find which will help me learn best. 

    I was looking for an article about learning how to play piano for a long time now. After reading this article I absorbed a lot of useful information. I think if I follow all the tips of this article I hope to find the best product very soon.

     I particularly like Piano For All. Either that or Rocket Piano because of the amount of content and lessons. A one-time payment of $39 is unbeatable. You have definitely convinced me that any one of these courses are cheaper than a single hour of piano instruction!

    Thanks for your help and suggestions. I will share the post with others. 😊

    • Hey there,

      I’m glad you found this article helpful to in choosing the right course.  Both Piano For All and Rocket piano have a lot to offer you. The choice is ultimately yours, though. As you said, it is important to keep in mind that these programs are very affordable for the amount of features that they provide.

      Keep up the good work and you’ll be playing like you’ve always wanted to! Just remember to make educated purchases and do your research. 

      I’m looking forward to hearing more feedback from you 🙂

      Deeply Trebled

  2. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with me.

     The prime element of this article is your ratings of the piano courses. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it.

     I like ROCKET PIANO because of the points mentioned in your article. The main reason why I liked it is that I completed this course a while back through which I learned to play a self-made piano. To teach me how to play the piano, they gave me e-books and video details, along with a variety of course materials, so that I could easily learn and you verified this yourself, Deeply Trebled!

    I’d like to share it with my friends in the Facebook community and on Pinterest  so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

    • Hey there Champ,

      Thank you for your humble comments and I’m glad you learnd a lot about the subject. 

      Your experiences with Rocket Piano are valuable and positive. Did you learn enough? The e-books are helpful and so are the videos.

      Thank you for your engagement in this post and for sharing it with your friends.

      May your progress be abundant!

      Deeply Trebled

  3. Piano for all looks like a ringer. The fact that it has so many features, audio and video lessons makes it an all-in-one hub for anyone looking to start playing the piano at their own pace. All of these programs appear to be cost-effective but the one that jumped out at me more than anything else was Piano For All. You just can’t beat those features and you’ll never get bored with the number of lessons it offers. For those looking to really up their piano playing, it’s the one I would highly recommend. 

    • Hey there Todd,

      Piano For All definitely presents a proven method to learning how to play piano at your own pace. There is a lot of value included in the course which is instantly downloadable. This is good for safety in these trying times. It is definitely a good way to pass the time and learn something useful. I am glad that you found value in this article and I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

       Thank you for recommending Piano For All to others. I hope you stay safe and enjoy your playing!

      Deeply Trebled

  4. Howdy Deeply Trebled!

    Yet another good article!

    Rocket Piano, I must confess is quite a nice one to learn from…music it self isn’t complete without all its sound and the sound of a piano and the musical beat adds more life to it. 

    It’s necessary for one to make the time to train the mind and become good at playing piano. Once the time comes I  will definitely be proud of it! I am going with Rocket Piano and I am glad to have supported you!

    Thanks again

    • Hey there Evan,

      Rocket Piano is a good way to take off with your playing. The platform is unique by itself and has been known to help many people like yourself to learn. The piano does indeed add to the life of the situation. It is good to see the smiles on people’s faces when I play and hear others play. 

      Once  your train your mind, then you are one step closer to obtaining your goals. 

      I appreciate your support. Stay safe!

      Deeply Trebled

  5. I took a couple of piano lessons when I was 9 or 10 years old. I learned to find C in the center of the piano and I remember those notes that had half tones in between and those that didn’t (between E and F and between B and C there are no half tones). But I have always wanted to truly learn how to play the piano. These days that I’ll be staying at home are just perfect! Thank you for Helping my find my program.

    I liked your number 1 recommendation: Piano For All. I’ll continue reading your full post about this course.


    • Hey Ann,

      Thank you for sharing your piano experiences with me. It is a whole different world when you are learning as a kid. Now I just think too much…

      If you truly want to learn how to play piano, then you will. Piano For All is a good start because of the “learn at our own pace feature.” I am curious to monitor your progress!

      Stay safe and have fun playing!

      Deeply Trebled

  6. Hi there! 

    I just want to give you thanks and respect for sharing such an excellent article.  I am a piano lover, myself, and would like to start a piano class online. After seeing this post, I checked it properly and I registered for Piano For All.

      I just want to tell you that this particular article is too important to me because you have given me purpose and direction during the quarantine. To describe the piano properly takes a lot of skill. I am now more interested in it!

    • Hey Hassan,

      My pleasure, my friend, my pleasure.

      Piano For All

      should help you advance your skills or refresh your memory. The good thing is that you can start it right away and you most likely won’t get bored. The best way to pass the time under quarantine is with music, so I’m glad you love it!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Deeply Trebled

  7. Thanks so much for giving me this wonderful article! It was very informative and I have gained a lot of ideas from it. I’ve been playing the piano for a long time now and am looking for more tips. Learning to play the piano online is very fun to me and personally I use the piano chord chart program.

    I particularly liked Piano For All… I also enjoyed reading each of your other articles about the resources available to me now.

    Through your articles I have received lots of useful information and tips that I will definitely follow from this point forward.

    I will also share your article with my friends and family

    Can I share your article on my social media?

    • Thanks Shanta,

      The piano chart program is very useful for people only starting out on their piano journey. Many would be surprised at how much you could learn from a single chart. 

      Chords are the foundation of piano theory and will help you learn much more quickly once mastered. If you combine this with Piano For All, then you will be well off.

      Thank you for sharing this article with your friends and family.

      You may absolutely share this on any social media platform. 

      Thank you for your support,

      Deeply Trebled

  8. Deeply Trebled – First of all..what an original name.  During this worldwide crisis, learning how to do more things online becomes a big deal!  This is a perfect solution for people who need instruction, but cannot get out to their instructors.  We have so many opportunities to develop new way of connecting with one another..just like this..  and it is more affordable!  This makes it such an interesting way to learn that I could even see myself learning through this method… but of course .. first you need a piano… That would be the question – would you need to have a certain kind of piano to take lessons or would some of the smaller pianos work also?  I can see your heart is really into this niche…and you picked a great one.  I have also recently learned that classical music is perfect for meditation also…and piano is used with that genre a lot right?

    • Hey Patrick!

      Thank you for your lovely compliments, first of all! It is indeed a big deal. We all have to adapt to the situation at hand and safety should take precedent. I was hoping that some of these courses could help people pass the time and learn something useful in the process. 

      To say it is a better way to connect with each other and it is more affordable. You’ve got that right, my friend!

      Now as far as pianos, there is no universal model for everybody. Some might like acoustic – others might like strictly digital pianos. You don’t need a specific piano to take lessons, but I will always recommend getting an Full 88 key piano with weighted keys. Some of your best options now would be:

      Alesis Recital Keyboard
      Yamaha P71 Keyboard
      Casio PX 160 Touch Sensitive
      My heart is truly with piano. I have always loved them so now I can share it with nice people like you. And classical music is very good for meditation by the way. I find that piano music calms me the best.

      I wish you the best and stay safe,
      Deeply Trebled

  9. I appreciated this post very much, Deeply Trebled!

     Here you have discussed in detail the ways to start Piano Courses Online. 

    These apps can become the best medium to help find the course I need. I want everyone in the world to know about 4 best learning Piano apps now!  I will most certainly pay for Piano For All.  I’m so impressed by your initiative. Thanks for presenting these options so beautifully. 

    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about the Best Piano Courses Online. 

    • Hey Ahmed,
      Thanks for your kind words. Piano For All might be your best bet and will serve you as a fine medium.

      I am honored that  you would share this article with people. 

      Keep a look out for future posts! I hope you stay safe.

      Deeply Trebled

  10. First of all, thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. 

    Your article is informative and educational to the point that it is inspiring me. I have enjoyed the post because my brother has loved playing the piano for a long time and I though of him. I’ve learned a lot about the possible piano courses out there. I’ll order myself a new piano, probably the Alesis and share my experience with you soon. I hope Piano For All will be the best product too.

    I also hope everyone reading your article will find make educated purchases and will definitely share with you their new experiences too. I am going to bookmark it and I will share it with my friends.

     Thank you so much for taking the time to share this beautiful article with us. Good Luck to you, my friend!

    • Hi Tashi,

      It is my pleasure to share this with you!

      Use this inspiration and keep yourself busy by making beautiful music. Your brother might find Piano For All useful in advancing his skills.

      The Alesis Recital is a good choice because of its features and price, so I hope he is happy with it! Thank you for sharing this post with others and for commenting.

      May your experiences help you grow!

      Deeply Trebled

  11. Hello again Deeply Trebled,

     I enjoyed scrolling through your guide. I was looking for an article about something I could do to advance piano during this quarantine time. After reading this article I absorbed a lot of useful information and I think that you just helped me find something that I can use.

      I particularly like Piano For All. Either that or Rocket Piano because of the amount of content and lessons. Thanks for sharing such lovely guide!

    • Welcome back Parveen,

      Piano For All

      is an excellent choice if you are looking for seemingly-endless lessons and content. The videos should keep you busy. After all, we have to do something to keep busy while under quarantine. Music is often the best solution! Let me know what you think about Piano For All when you try it!

      Stay Safe,

      Deeply Trebled

  12. I enjoyed looking through each and every course to find which will help me learn best.

    I was looking for an article about improving my piano technique for quite a while. After some consideration, I decided that Piano For All will work the best. I want to make a lot of progress quickly, will that work for me?

    Thank you for sharing that content with me Deeply Trebled. I always enjoy seeing your work and I will share it with the community!

    • Thank you for your support Bai Asha and good to hear from you again!

      Piano For All

      is one of the ways to improve your technique. It never hurts to relearn past lessons and accumulate more knowledge. If you want to make progress quickly, do the lessons and amp up your productivity. 

      There is also another article specifically on Piano For all. Free to take a look.

      thanks for the shares and I hope you stay safe and happy!

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