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So, you might already be aware, but there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to digital pianos. This article is a synopsis of the top three affordable digital pianos. We will cover the Yamaha P71 Keyboard, Alesis Recital, Alesis Recital Pro, and the Casio Privia PX 160.

There are links below each description to more detailed reviews. If you wish to make an educated purchase then buying through any of the links on the review will help Deeply Trebled ensure future content.

HEADS UP! This review uses Piano Language (the language that all pianists magically use to telepathically communicate with each other 🙂

Yamaha P71 Keyboard Overview

blue yamaha sign

Yamaha is a trusted and reliable brand of digital pianos and well… motorcycles.

For the sake of it, let’s just focus on the lovely pianos that they have available. Yamaha has a rich and interesting history which resonates with a lot of pianists and piano lovers to this day. Japanese craftsmanship was almost unrivaled at the time of its founding. As the times change, so does quality and methods of making them. In the modern era, Yamaha uprights and acoustic grands are top sellers and the preferred choice of universities and common households.

About Yamaha

The Yamaha P71 is an affordable and high quality slab keyboard. It is conducive to buyers who travel for gigs, have space limitations, or just love it. 

  1.  It is a full 88 key digital Piano 
  2. Fully-weighted Keys
  3.  It has Graded Hammer Action (GHS) which means that the hammers react properly to pressure like in acoustic pianos.
  4.  It has 4 sensitivity settings.
  5.  Dual action mode.
  6. Other accessories such as the stand and bench must be purchased separately.

If you end up purchasing the P71 through Amazon, which is the exclusive seller, you will get:

  • The Sustain Pedal (about $25 value)
  • The sheet music Rest

If you’ve ever played an old Steinway or Mason & Hamlin, you’ll know that only a soft touch is required. You can adjust this to your own feel with the sensitivity setting. Of course, no keyboard does this perfectly, but it is the latest technology.

If you like the soul of Yamaha pianos and would like to purchase this keyboard, there is more information here.

Yamaha P71 Keyboard – Top Digital Piano

Alesis Recital and the Alesis Recital Pro

alesis recital advanced

Alesis is a growing company that is trying to compete with Yamaha mainly. The company markets to beginners as well as pros. They have attempted to create high quality products for a lower price. Normally that doesn’t work but they have included some freebies with their two main digital pianos – The Alesis Recital and the Alesis Recital Pro. I do NOT recommend the Alesis Concert 88 key, it has terrible reviews.

Check out this article if you need more information about weighted vs. semi-weighted keys:

Semi-Weighted vs Weighted Keys Guide

Let’s compare the Recital to the Pro:

Alesis Recital

1. Skoove Piano Lessons included for 3 months
2. Full-sized 88 Key digital piano
3. Semi-weighted keys
4. Five voices/sounds
5. Dual and split mode
6. Affordable but stand not included

Alesis Recital Pro

1. Skoove Piano Lessons also included for 3 months
2. Full Sized 88 Key Digital Piano
3. Hammer-action keys (basically weighted keys with sensitivity)
4. Twelve Premium Voices with 20 Watt speakers. (“Room-filling sound”)
5. Dual, split, and lesson modes with reverb and ambience features
6. Bit more pricey, stand still not included.

So, take your pick. They both have excellent reviews ( 4-stars and up ) so they will make great soulmates.

If you are convinced that Alesis is right for you, take a look at the review below and consider purchasing though any of those links. This helps Deeply Trebled publish honest content for you.

Alesis Recital Keyboard – Go Pro With Skoove

If you need more info about the company check out the link below.

About Alesis

Casio Privia PX 160 Touch Sensitive

hands on casio keyboard

Let’s face it. Casio ia generally not the preferred brand for digital pianos overall, but some models are known to be better than Yamaha. I, myself, owned a Casio Privia and it lasted many years with constant travelling and dropping it. I miss that poor Casio…

The piano itself is good and the touch sensitive feature is neat, for sure. It has excellent customer reviews (almost 5 stars) and is a unique deal because of the accessories that are included, typically a $100 value.

Here’s what the Privia has to offer:

1. Fully-weighted (scale-action) keys with touch sensitivity settings
2. Full-sized 88 key digital Piano
3. Eighteen distinct voices/sounds
4. Nice stand with all tree pedals, bench, and headphones included
5. Duet, Split, and Dual Mode for performances and teaching
6. Reverb and brilliance measure for more acute sounds.
7. Can be quite pricey

If you feel the Privia is for you and would like to make a purchase, then click below.

Casio Privia PX 160 – A Privial Review

If you want more general info about Casio, check below.

About Casio

It’s Conclusive

These three pianos made it on my list as far as affordability and quality together. There are other keyboards out there, but these three all have overwhelmingly positive reviews and good track records.

I hope this article helps you make educated choices. Let us know what you think. Discussion matters to the community here because it helps others grow in understanding. Help your fellow pianists out!

I wish you all the best,

Deeply Trebled signing off

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  1. It’s amazing how much technology has advanced.
    I do this when I read this wonderful article about the best digital pianos of 2020. My little girl is crazy about the piano and I would like to give her such a digital piano for her birthday.
    Casio Privia PX 160 Touch Sensitive has a flawless design and this digital sensation takes you into a science fiction world. Thanks a lot for this recommendation.

    • Hey there,

      Technology has definitely advanced. I’m glad you stumbled across this article. If you are adamant about purchasing the Casio PX 160 then it will certainly help your daughter. Every pianist deserves a great piano. For under $1000 this deal is one of the best. You are absolutely welcome and I hope she loves it!

  2. Hi I would like to thank you for your interesting and informative post on the best digital pianos of 2020. It’s amazing how much technology has taken over the standard piano. I have wanted to start playing on digital pianos and when I read your review on the Yamaha P71 it sounds really cool! I really want one, I was actually surprised at what great value it is going for nowadays.

    • Hey Marc,

      I am glad this post was helpful at making an informed decision for you! The Yamaha P71 has a lot to offer for beginner or even advanced pianists. The technology can not fully emulate the action and soul of a grand piano but they still substitute with more potential features. Every one of them has their distinct advantages and disadvantages. I hope you will be happy with your decision!

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