deeply trebled playing chopin concert

What’s going on everybody?

Welcome to Deeply Trebled!

Music, especially the piano, has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I was taught the conventional way and still learned that way until I realized there was little progress. I’ve now decided to try new methods, apps, and tech to better my technique. Now, my wish is to help you all learn from my mistakes and give you the opportunities that will help you succeed!

…Just a Snippet

Above, you’ll see the photograph of me at one of my best performances. I love classical music in general, but Chopin (Romantic Era virtuoso performer) speaks directly to me through his pieces. There is something that resonates within me when his pieces come to mind. I have been playing the piano from a very young age and it has miraculously stuck with me since then. It is never too late to learn and grow. Always remember, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, so use your full potential – the bass of music.

A Teensy Story…

Being just a kid, at the time, in a snowy depressing city, pushed me to find ways to succeed and make my family proud. Thanks to all of my mentors, I’ve had guidance in my piano playing. Now with the internet there are countless opportunities to get out’a treble and help you gain that edge in music.

I didn’t really have much of that, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be shared with you!

The Score Hasn’t Changed

Artistic expression comes from the soul. Often times, I’ve been told that everything must be played a certain way, but the interpretation that one possesses is of one’s own mind and publication – something with your copyright seal on it that no one else can break. You have the potential to succeed and reach your goals, but you may not have the means at your disposal.

I aim to provide those means to you and try to be there every step of the way, if you so wish. There is so much sheet music out there. The score doesn’t change, but the way you learn and grow can!

Does Practice Truly Make Perfect?

I was always taught the more the merrier and that hard work and persistence pay off. This holds true if you passionately want to accomplish something. The sky is the limit, so never be afraid to try something new. Just keep in mind that everything has its cost, but one must find if it pays itself off by impacting you POSITIVELY!

Now, I have dedicated this site to you get you success and mastery of the piano. Here at Get Deeply Trebled, you will learn how to play piano, learn to read piano music, find digital piano reviews, read up on how the piano works, and get some piano lessons. Here, there is music for all!

If you ever need some info or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Hopefully you all will succeed and I hope to be someone that makes a positive impact on your life someday. 🙂

Always remember that potential comes from you alone and you can accomplish anything with it!

Get Out’a Treble,
Deeply Trebled – Founder of Deeply Trebled and Deeply Trebled Tech

deeply trebled playing chopin concert
This site is dedicated to your success



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  1. It appears that you’ve been playing the piano for a long while now, an instrument I wish I had learned to play myself. I may invest in a keyboard myself and begin to teach myself how to play and teach my son at the same time too. I shall be saving this site so I can refer back to it.

    • Thank you very much for your engagement! You won’t be disappointed when you decide to take up the piano. Not only that but when you succeed, your son will always have his best mentor right there by his side. It is a very rewarding experience. Music comes from the soul and it means the world to a lot of people.
      I have been playing since I was very young – about 4. Since then, it has always been my passion.
      If you ever need any suggestions or guidance in the future, let me know. I am proud that I can be of service!

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